The Importance of Leaning on God

There is a false assumption many of us live under. That assumption is that we can lean on ourselves. Have you discovered that you sometimes let yourself down? Whenever we are fooled into relying solely on ourselves we end up delusional, disoriented, and disappointed.

A further development of that same idea is relying exclusively on other people. When we rely solely on other people, we set ourselves up for failure. No one was ever created to fully support you. That’s not the way God designed things.

We are here to help each other, but that role is somewhat limited. 

Our God is the only One we can fully rely on. He is the only One we can consistently lean on. He is amazing. He is incredible. He is powerful. He holds no grudges. He does not constantly remind us of wrongs we have done. He does not condemn us, yet He constantly convicts us. He convicts us because He wants us to be better. In fact, He wants us to live up to our full potential.

Do not be frustrated when people let you down. Do not be disillusioned when people can’t (or won’t) help you. Sometimes God places us in positions that only He can help us out of. He is teaching us to rely on Him. He wants us to always be comfortable leaning on Him.

Liberate the people in your life. Free them from the bondage of having to be your source. Love them enough to be okay when they can’t (or won’t) help you. Place your absolute faith and trust in God. He will never let you down.

Do it today. Lean on God. Watch Him do the incredible in your life.


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