The Importance of Knowing Your False Self

Did you know there are actually two you’s? There is the TRUE you that God created you to be, and there is the FALSE you that Satan wants you to be. Let me explain.

The TRUE You

God created you to be a specific and unique individual. In fact, once He created you, He never created another you. The “you” He created is destined to walk in a specific purpose. You will only be truly fulfilled if you discover the True You. This is the Spiritual You. This you does not rely on people or things to make you happy. This True You enjoys people and things, but doesn’t rely so heavily on them.


Satan tries to counterfeit what God does. He is focused on the False You. This “you” is the carnal side of you. It is the side the goes by its “feelings”, rather than its intuition. This False You needs people and things to make it happy. People and things become like a drug. This False You (the Flesh) is at war with the Will of God. It does not want to comply with the true purpose of God.

Wisdom is discovering and discerning the difference between the two “you’s”. Each of us have this struggle. The struggle is real. Most of us don’t pay enough attention to this matter.

May God richly bless you as you better identify your False Self so you can walk in your True Self. Then, you will be fulfilled. Then, you will have joy. Then, you will find true happiness.

Be blessed.


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